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approval of the hotly debated keystone oil pipeline to run from can did to texas. house majority leader eric cantor argued that's about cleating jobs. >> the president said he wants to make sure that we create jobs, and he wants to be there for the middle class. that's what this bill does. tens of thousands of jobs if not more. >> brown: democrats like new york's charles rangel insisted republicans are in effect holding the payroll tax cut hostage hostage to the pipeline. >> let's get rid of all the pipeline language. let's do what the bill is supposed to do, and let's not put in something that could impede the passage. >> brown: president obama had delayed a decision on the keystone pipeline until 2013. today a white house statement said he would veto the republican bill if it gets to his desk. that seemed unlikely though since senate democrats served notice they'd block the house republican measure first. in addition to the pipeline provision, democrats opposed financing the bill by raising medicare premiums for wealthier seniors and extending a pay freeze for federal workers for anot
texas, inst al presidente a reconsiderar su plan. ---durante la visita del mandatario a un retn fronterizo de texas en agosto de 2010, perry envio una carta al presidente en la que le pidio que enviara mil soldados adicionales de la guardia nacional a la frontera de texas con mexico. ---perry, asegura que la disminucion de tropas representa una amenaza a la seguridad nacional. cu ---fue detenida la adolescente de la ciudad de suisun city, quien la semana pasada, envio un mensaje de texto telefonico a sus padres asegurandoles que habia sido secuestrada. take vo ---ahora, la policia de esa ciudad, informo que la menor fabric la historia para supuestament e llamar la atencion de sus familiares. ---el pasado jueves se emiti una "alerta amber" en todo el norte de california, para dar con los supuestos secuestrador es de cristina almanza. ---cristina, ahora se encuentra recluida en el centro de detencion para menores del condado de solano. take live ---y para hablarnos sobre este asunto cuando los jovenes se sienten desatendidos, nos acompaÑa la doctora teresa zapata.. ---pregunta --
largo de la frontera en los estados de arizona, california, nuevo mÉxico y texas. el portavoz del congresista republicano asegurÓ que comenzarÁn el prÓximo aÑo. >> el senador demÓcrata lanzÓ una campaÑa pÚblica utilizando la internet para pedir al gobierno del presidente barack obama que permita que los indocumentados que son familiares de ciudadanos estadounidenses puedan solicitar su visa dentro de los estados unidos. ademÁs pide que se le informe si puede ser liberado de la responsabilidad de pertenecer a la fuerza entre seis y 10 aÑos. >> poder aquÍ aplicaran sin ningÚn riesgo la determinaciÓn especÍfica. con la seguridad de recibir la visa. >> podrÍa favorecer a miles de personas si la ley de castigo estÁ vigente desde 1997. los indocumentados deben salir del paÍs y solicitar su visa y enfrentar a veces hasta aÑos y dÉcadas de espera. >> informaron que el plan para expandir una regulaciÓn que beneficiarÍa a los conductores sin licencia en paradas de trÁfico. la iniciativa permitirÍa que conductores sin licencia que son detenidos y no tienen antecedent
fast track approval of the keystone oil pipeline from canada to texas. opposed by environmentalists but backed by some unions and many conservatives. >> the keystone pipeline will create, as have been said, 20,000 to 25,000 jobs or more immediately. >> reporter: but president obama who wants more study of the pipeline vows to veto today's bill if keystone is included. he's escalating the fight, urging democrats to hold up the latest government spending bill until the house passes a plain payroll tax cut extension. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> a bold new push from the national transportation safety board is calling for an all-out ban of cell phone use while driving. that means no texting, no talking, not even hands-free devices. and now it is up to the states to carry out that recommendation. nbc's brian mooar has details. >> reporter: what began as a school bus trip in missouri ended in a deadly chain collision crash and more than a year later it's leading to a call for an outright ban on drivers using mobile phones. >> and, yes, that does apply to bluetooth, ha
for the democrats is that the bill requires construction of an 1,800 mile oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama wants to put off a decision on that. >>> today, the senate is also scheduled to vote on two proposed constitutional amendments requiring a balanced federal budget. neither one is expected to pass. >>> federal safety officials are recommending banning all electronic devices while driving. that includes talking on a cell phone, even hands-free, and also texting and e-mailing. national transportation safety board cause such devices a deadly distraction. according to the government, distracted driving caused 900,000 crashes last year. 417,000 people were injured and 3,092 were killed. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: john skunzio makes many of his deals on the road. he's a fabric salesman who spends about three hours a day driving while talking on his hands-free cell phone. >> if i don't have that luxury, then it means almost wasted time while i'm driving. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling for state bans nationwide on the use of portable
that work begin on a canada-to-texas oil pipeline. democrats strongly opposed that provision, and senate majority leader harry reid said he wants to dispense with the bill quickly. >> let's get this vote over with. then we can begin serious negotiations on how to prevent a $1,000 tax hike on american families. the sooner we put this useless partisan charade behind us, the sooner we can negotiate a true, bipartisan solution that protects middle class workers. >> sreenivasan: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blocked a quick vote on the payroll tax cut. he insisted the top priority should be to pass a trillion dollar spending bill that funds government operations through next september. >> there's agreement on the funding bill but no agreement and no plan at all on how we're going to pass the payroll tax cut extension in the senate. so we ought to finish our most immediate concern first. instead, we've wasted week after week after week. one senseless show vote after another. >> sreenivasan: if there's no action on the spending bill, the government will run out of funds and have to shu
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texas cut for another year. democrats want it lowered even further to 3.1%. democrat jim mcgovern. >> i am not sure if my colleagues understand how americans are struggling, what feels like to be out of work. >> reporter: unemployment insurance is the other major sticking point. democrats want to maintain benefits at their current level of 99 weeks, an all-time hail and democrats want it scaled back to 9 weeks in january and 59 weeks by mid 2012. republican david dreier. >> our goal is to encourage reemployment of our fellow americans who are having a difficult time trying to make end's meet. >> reporter: then the clash over how to pay for all of that. democrats want 1.9% surtax on millionaires, while republicans want to impose a federal worker pay freeze for another year. and charge higher rates for mortgages backed by fannie mae and foreheareddie mac. if all that isn't enough to divide the two sides, president about him is giving the government 60 days to aimprove or reject the construction of the controversial pipeline from canada to texas. the president wanted to wait to make that d
to my friend and colleague, the gentleman from texas, vice chairman of the committee, the chairman of the subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities and member of the congress of the conference committee, mr. thornberry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields to the gentleman from texas two minutes. mr. thornberry: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in support of this conference report and it is a broad-ranging conference report th affects everything from personnel policies to weapon systs to research and development across the department of defense and the military. and i especially commend chairman mckeon, ranking member smith and the staff who have worked since -- all year to make this possible but worked especially hard in the last few days to make this conference report possible before the congress adjourns. there are a number of good, important provisions in this bill that strengthen our country's national security. but in light of the comments we have recently heard, mr. speaker, let me talk just a moment about this issue of detention. you know, one can put into la
the report. >> reporter: the gold at the end of the rainbow over ft. bliss, texas was the return of soldiers who were in iraq and now back in the arms of loved ones. >> it's good. it's about time. >> reporter: over the next few weeks at military insulations, scenes like this play out repeatedly. the drawdown of u.s. troops from iraq is just in time for the holidays. >> i'm very happy that he's going to be here for christmas. we were not expecting him. >> reporter: it's also just what president obama ordered. he went to ft. bragg in north carolina wednesday to cheer those returning himself. >> on behalf of a grateful nation, i'm proud to finally say these two words and i know your families agree, welcome home. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome home. >> reporter: mostly, the president praised those who went to fight the war since march, 2003. >> we are ending a war, not with a final battle, but a final march toward home. this is an extraordinary achievement. nearly nine years in the making, the war in iraq will soon belong to history. your service belongs to the ages. >> reporter: as he spoke
to texas and it does not pay for the payroll tax cuts which is something democrats want. >> all we know is this bill is dead and we need to know how not to begin a tax hike on americans. >> they can pass it, they can amend it and they can move their own bill but it is time for the senate to act. >> they are supposed to recess for the holidays but president barack obama called on them not to leave town until they work on a plan which expires december 21st. >>> the agency is considering shutting down 37 post offices because of a budget shortfall. closures are slated to start in april but they are pushing that date back to allow congress to work on a plan to save the agency. >>> time now 44 -- 6:44, they are banning all cell phone use in cars. it includes hands free devices. distracted driving caused 100 deaths, a north bay man lost his two-year-old daughter because of a teen texting at the time and they spot them on the road all the time. >> they look at me and say, don't worry, i am a good driver. okay, great you are a great driving but you are not paying attention, what does that make
from canada to texas. the bill is expected to die in the senate. the white house believes that there will be cadile before tax breaks expire at the end of the year. >>> a familiar face is leaving abc's "this week's." christianne amanpour leaving she will return to cnn where she will take on a new position for cnn international. christianne amanpour she has been the host for a year-and-a- half. she will be replaced by george stephanopoulis. we're not sure how this latest move is going to affect george's weekday schedule. that is a lot of balance. >> how would you juggle all the? wish him the best of luck. >> still ahead on "good morning washington", you could say donal d trump fired >>> coming up, the very person expected to protect a child has been accused of taking that child's life. we have the very latest on the virginia father is charged with the murder of his two month old daughter. >> more on the ban proposed on cell phones
of the payroll tax cut. the measure would require construction of a canada to texas oil pipeline. that's something that president obama said he would veto. the bill will likely die in the senate, which sets up another 11th-hour deadlock. >>> to politics now. newt gingrich has accepted the resignation of his iowa political director, after it was revealed that the man made negative remarks about mitt romney's religion. craig bergman referred to mormonism as a cult. >>> and donald trump is pulling out of the republican presidential debate he promised to host later on this month. trump wants to keep his options open, in case he decides to run for president after all. the debate was supposed to take place december 27th. >>> now, to that stunning turn in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. the former penn state coach showed up at court yesterday, where he was supposed to face his accusers. but instead, he waived his right to the hearing. he's simply ready to go to trial. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: jerry sandusky went to court with a secret. his trad
of a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama has threatened to veto the bill. >>> later today, president obama and the first lady will travel to fort bragg, north carolina to thank the soldiers for their sacrifices. this comes as the war in iraq comes to a close with all u.s. troops leaving that country by the end of this month. fort bragg has seen more than 200 troops killed in iraq. >>> turning out to the 2012 campaign. republican front runner newt gingrich may be losing his big lead in i am. >> is now out mitt romney who is closing the gap. the examiner reports that one poll puts texas congressman ron paul one point behind newt gingrich in iowa. they are both still trailing mitt romney. >> tea party a favorite christine o'donnell is throwing his support behind mitt romney she told fox news that mitt romney's executive experience played a key role in her decision. >>> donald trump has made a decision not to moderate in upcoming gop debate. he says he will bypass the debate because he may still want to run for president as an independent when his reality show ends in ma
to approve or reject the construction of the controversial keystone xl pipeline from canada to texas. the president wanted to wait to make that decision until 2013, but republicans say the pipeline will create thousands of jobs. rebecca. >> so, nancy, does congress actually go home without resolving this? is there a chance of that? >> a tactic that house republicans have used before is to pass a bill, send it to the senate and say, here's our plan, take it or leave it. we're going home. but what the senate democrats are doing now to try to prevent that is holding up a spending bill, refusing to sign off on it. this is a spending bill that would fund the government for the next nine months, but this is a very high stakes game of chicken, rebecca, the government is set to run out of funding on friday. >> you also have this high-profile election taking place right now. cbs' nancy cordes on capitol hill, thanks so much. >>> speaking of that election and the race for the white house this morning, there are signs that newt gingrich is starting to pull ahead of the pact. >> pretty extraordi
the baja of california coming through texas and then look at all of the rain that's been falling across portions of the upper mississippi valley in the midwest coming into illinois. heavy rainfall here. likely slowing down some air travel through chicago. not good news. that's one of the busier airports in the country. then rain has been making the turn east. look at the southern end falling apart. up to the north, cleveland area, up toward buffalo, they'll be sticking with those showers today. so, a couple of isolated sprinkles on the future cast out west, this stuff is going to have a tough time holding together here but up north into pennsylvania, new york, yeah, they'll get some showers. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. it will be dry tonight. then we watch out west. the rains that we've been watching today, they'll start to move east. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. pittsburgh, down toward cincinnati. seeing the showers up toward rochester and syracuse. they'll be rolling toward us later in the morning. 10:00 a.m., north and west of town. winchester, frederick, maryland, could be see
pipeline from canada to texas. the white house says the president will veto that bill. he wants the recess but off until there is a deal. >> the president will insist that they stay here until they get the deal done. >>kimberlee: the irs may be looking for you, the government agency is trying to get out more than $150 million and undelivered tax refund checks. the irs says the money could not be delivered because of incorrect billing addresses. there are nearly 100,000 people still missing there refund. here is a look at the irs web site, you'll find information on the homepage. in order to get your refund status you will need your social security number you'll need your filing status and the amount that you are do. it is not an estimate, it is an exact dollar amount that is shown on your tax return. according to the irs, the checks average more than $1,500. to find out where your refund is visit the kron4 facebook fan page >>gabe: this box works with the the televisions in your home. is one of my favorite gadgets that not a lot of people about. it has not had a lot of exposure and it make
wednesday. texas will experience the brunt of it. severe thunderstorms, hail, and damaging winds are likely, are possible here wednesday, and the rest of the area will see a mix of rain and snow and freezing rain. across the west, offshore low pressure system is approaching the west coast, and that will bring cold precipitation across the british columbia area, vancouver will see snow wednesday. we are expecting 3 degrees here and 6 in seattle. across the eastern u.s., we're going to see a significant warmup. 11 in chicago, and 18 in oklahoma city, and getting up to 25 in houston. finally, to europe. the northwestern portions of europe are still dealing with inclement weather. a series of low pressure systems will continue to bring fierce winds and heavy precipitation. particularly, here near the center of low pressure in northern ireland, winds could exceed 150 kilometers per hour, and winds are creating on the area here. rain and snow could become heavy at times in northern europe, and scattered heavy showers will continue across most of western continental europe. temperature wise, we ar
's talk about that with ron paul of texas. he's joining us right now from the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. congressman, thanks very much for coming in. before we get to the presidential campaign, put your congressional hat on for a moment. agree on almost anything nowadays and there could be a government shutdown as early as this weekend unless the appropriations bills are passed. what's going on? why is congress so dysfunctional? >> this seems to be business as usual. how many times have we gone through this in the last couple of years? sort of to be routine. at the last minute, they go down to the wire and negotiate to the bitter end. always trying to get one angle over the other one. i don't think think the government's going to shut down. it hasn't happened in a long, long time. i don't think it's in the interest of either party to do it, so they'll probably come up with some compromise at midnight and settle the argue. >> but it does send a horrible message when various agencies are told, get ready, so-called nonessential personnel may be out of work as early a
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of the keystone oil pipeline from canada to texas. opposed by environmentalists but backed by some unions and many conservatives. >> the keystone pipeline will create, as has been said, 20,000 to 25,000 jobs or more immediately. >> reporter: but president obama who wants more study of the pipeline vows to veto today's bill if keystone is included. he's escalating the fight, urging democrats to hold up the latest government spending bill until the house passes a plain payroll tax cut extension. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. >>> this could affect many of you at home. there is a bold new push from the national transportation safety board that is calling for an all out ban on cell phone use while driving. that means no texting, no talking, not even hands-free devices. and now it is up to the states to carry out that recommendation. nbc's brian mooar has details. >> reporter: what began as a school bus trip in missouri ended in a deadly chain collision crash and more than a year later it's leading to a call for an outright ban on drivers using mobile phones. >> and, yes, that does apply
unviersidad de texas, esta pidiendo la ayuda de sobrevivientes de cancer que participen en un programa de ejercicio para ver los beneficios que se obtienen con esta practica. hace 4 anos le diagnosticaron un tumor canceroso en el cerebro en etapa cuatro a otto rene lemus, y despues de una dificil recuperacion se inscribio al estudio de ejercicios del centro de terapa e investigacion del cancer conocido como ctrc. lo reanima a uno incluso como si el pusierona a usted una inyeccion de energia para pdoer uno sentirse perfectamen te.. su hija quien lo cuida las 24 horas, tambien fue invitada a participar en el estudio, para saber cuanto se libera el estress a traves del ejercicio para los cuidadores. vitzagia / hija de otto rene lemus beneficios montones, de ver a mi papa sentado en un sillon en casa sin esperanza de vida sin ganas de vivir de caminar a traerlo 25 minutos en esta maquina ver que e sta haciendo resistencia, levantar pesas. se quiere demostrar, los beneficios del ejercicio a traves de este estudio , y si puede contribuir a la prevencion a la recurrencia del ca
, the cold pocket of air across the west coast bringing in some of that pacific moisture across texas and injecting it on no the nation's mid-section, then pushing it all the way up with just a little push of snow, northern wisconsin and minnesota, yet snow in the rockies as well. that is our general storm pattern. we're still focusing on some of the energy coming into the system. a lot of times we get into these storm patterns for a couple of weeks where they almost seem identical. just little things that are different. this one, again, taking warmer air ahead of it. we'll warm up ahead of this storm system. we're also pushing in moisture ahead of this storm system this morning into west virginia and because this is already ahead of schedule i had to account for some of that to cross the mountains and reach us, just about every computer model is keeping us virtually dry throughout the day with just a mix of clouds, i think we turn overcast and allow at least sprinkles on the west side. tonight there may be a push of showers. this is a warm front that comes through pennsylvania with m
after abc 2 news at 11:00. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. on the network they deserve. like the powerful droid charge by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. . >>> you know kids know santa claus is watching them all year round and keeping track of who's been naughty and nice. now kids can keep an eye on santa and his reindeer at the reindeer camp. this is a video camera in the pen for the kids to watch the animals as they prepare for christmas eve. >> there's a certain magic to christmas and this is another way to prove that santa is out there. >> every day at 5:00, santa himself comes out to feed the reindeer and pick up letters from the good little girls and boys. you will find a link on >>
later the woman who now lives in texas thinks that the ban makes good sense. >> we have seen since that time more and more accidents have occurred because people have been on cell phones, talking on cell phones, texting. >> reporter: the crash was the national transportation safety board's first investigation into distracted driving related to the use of a cell phone. >> it may seem like a quick call, text a tweet or an update but accidents happen in the blink of an eye. >>> >> in a crash in missouri last year, a 19-year-old pickup truck driver exchanged numerous texts before slamming into a truck and being hit by two school buses. >> the driver distraction found us. >> the ntsb's representations are controversial and just that, recommendations. back to you. >> thanks, jackie. >>> an 85-year-old woman is still shaken up after being ambushed and robbed on her way to church. it happened on shepherd street in the brooklyn neighborhood of northeast washington. the woman said she was scraping ice off her car when a man reached inside her car and grabbed her purse. she grabbed the ice sc
. also on the move perhaps, texas governor rick perry. we talked about his outsider status. >> changing one washington insider for another washington insider is not going to change a thing. it is going to, you know, taking a wall streeter and sending him to washington, d.c. won't change a thing. what this country has to have is an outsider. an outside that is willing to go in there and have the courage and the vision, stamina and strength to change washington, d.c. >> bret: he is starting a bus tour. through cities and counties throughout iowa. senator santorum has been to all 99 counties. congresswoman bachmann is going to be going to all 99 counties in ten days we're told. that sets up this debate tomorrow night. bring in the panel. chris stirewalt. susan fariccio and steve haye hayes. steve, welcome back to panel. >> good to be back. >> bret: what do you think? status of the race in iowa and the debate tomorrow night? >> status of the race is fluid. it's fascinating to see the recent polls which suggest that newt gingrich's surge might abate somewhat. i agree with you on the polling
strongly. the justice department is investigating some states including texas that have passed these laws. he says this is not only a legal issue but a moral imperative. republicans on the other hand say, look at the kind of things we're all required to present our driver's license to do? get on an airplane. check into a hotel. sometimes to buy over-the-counter drugs. sometimes to get into a building with security. americans are required to provide driver's license all the time. why not voting? martha: seems quite logical that you would have to present a photo i.d. in order to match up with your name on the voter roles to go in and vote. a couple of other things he pointed out that raise some questions as well, byron. one of the things he singled out this litigation in florida over a new state law that restrictions availability of early voting including banning it on sundays before election day when according to these reports black churches traditionally follow services with get-out-the-vote efforts to go, right after church. let's go orally vote together. why would that be banned in flor
did a story here last week. they wanted the texas group to take down a nativity scene. it's like he used outrageousness of the request to get on the show. as far as that is concerned, get rid of it. >> bob: i get on my knees at the end of every show and thank god for you and you hitting me. >> andrea: i witnesses. three right here. >> bob: i have a bruised arm. >> andrea: it's a love tap. move things along. >> bob: why don't you read more e-mails? i should move it along? >> andrea: i need to move things along. >> dana: later. >> andrea: we have a big debate on fox news tomorrow night. we'll give you an inside look and talk about what is at stake for candidates up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. ♪ that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. ♪ with your help, we can reach 20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. [ female announcer ] get 0 percent apr financing on select models for thirty-six months and we'll donate two-hund
chicago, o'hare and midway airport. texas where they had severe weather in northeastern texas, today. early tomorrow morning, thursday, partly cloudy. a little bit of sunshine. the rain, the front comes into the area at 2:00 tomorrow. between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. is the best chance for rain. things dry up as the front makes its way across the mountains. tomorrow night, cloud cover and a fair amount of cloud cover left around on friday, too until the front continues moving to the south and east and high pressure builds in. friday, we are still overcast. we are still breezy and chilly at 50 degrees. for your evening, damp, 42 to 45 degrees with a light southerly wind. tomorrow morning, 34 to 39. a coat will be required for the early part of the day. tomorrow, during the afternoon, heading up to the 50s. mid to upper 50s with a 50% chance of light showers tomorrow. not everyone is going to get rain tomorrow. those that do get rain will not get a lot of rain. the weekend, 46 and 47 degrees. very, very nice weekend coming our way here. the last weekend before christmas. >> looks good. nice
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